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Laboratory Equipment

Our range of equipment that can be used for laboratory use is one of the most reliable and efficient. Today, Kevin offers laboratory equipment for the complete range of processes that are required for a Formulation & Development laboratory. Our Laboratory equipment also finds use in Pharmacy Research Institutes, Pharmacy Colleges & R & D Institutions.

Please have a detailed look at our following products.

KevLab Multi-Purpose Equipment

HSMG 10 - Mini RMG KKF3 -Mini Tablet Press

SC-10 Advanced Coating System for Laboratory Use

KMRC-01 -� Mini Roller Compactor

The Kevin Multi Purpose Equipment:

Kevin is known for its innovative products & services. The KevLab� Series of Multi-Purpose Equipment is one of the latest offerings by Kevin, whereby many basic processes of the pharmaceutical Formulation & Development stages can be carried out in small quantities. This is specifically useful for Pharmacy Colleges, Research Institutions & Formulation & Development Laboratories in Pharmaceutical Companies. This is also very useful in the food industry to try out various formulations & do processes like granulating, mixing & coating.�

Here the user has a efficient & sturdy drive that can be used to drive other attachments like the following below;

Horizontal Main Drive

Universal Gear Adapter Vertical Main Drive




Wet Granulator Cube Mixer Coating Pan
Dry Granulator Double Cone Mixer Pelletizer
V-Blender Laboratory Kneader
Laboratory Mixer Dosing & Filling for Ointments
Planetary Mixer Dosing & Filling for Liquids

SC-18 Advanced Coating System for Laboratory Use:�

The SC-18 is a complete Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating System, that comes with all accessories & devices that are needed to coat Pharmaceutical tablets. SC-18, has an over-hung perforated pan, which can be removed easily for cleaning & sanitizing. Moreover, the unit comes ready with an inlet air handling system and arrangements for heating the inlet air. The exhaust air unit is also built into the system thereby making it a completely integrated unit.

HSMG 10 - Mini RMG

This model is very suitable for Laboratory Use as well as for use in Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories where the quantities of batches to be taken are very small. This unit is especially suitable for up to 10 Liter working capacity.

KMRC - 01 Mini Roller Compactor

The KMRC-01 Mini Compactor is ideally suitable for compacting pharmaceutical powders in small quantities & in a very accurate manner. This compactor has one horizontal & one vertical feeding screws thereby pre-compacting the material. The two compacting rollers are easily removable from the front for cleaning or change-over.

Horizontal Main Drive

This sturdy D C Motor driven drive, is a horizontal construction drive whereby the electric motor is mounted horizontally. The drive being horizontal in construction, is compact in height & can be placed on any sturdy location. It comes with the necessary controls for operation & also a timer whereby the user can set a preset time and switch off the unit after that time.

Vertical Main Drive

This version of the Drive is also a D C Motor Driven with an option of an AC drive system. This drive incorporates a very efficient gear drive whereby the operation is totally noise free. Moreover, this drive features newer controls for the setting of time, rpm, etc.�

Universal Gearing

As the name suggests, this is a universal gear drive, used mainly to impart drive to attachments at an angle. This is mainly used with attachments like the coating pan, the polishing pan & the cube-mixer.

Wet Granulator

Dry Granulator

Cube Mixer

Double Cone Mixer


Laboratory Mixer

Planetary Mixer

Coating Pan

The coating pan is mainly used to coat tablets.


Laboratory Kneader

Dosing & Filling for Ointments

Dosing & Filling for Liquids


KKF3 - Single Punch Mini Tablet Press

This Single Punch Mini Tablet Press is a full operating version of a larger Single Punch Eccentric Tablet Press. It comes with all the controls for adjusting the tablet thickness, pressures, etc. This machine runs at about 40 strokes per minute & can produce tablets upto a diameter of 1/2" and a maximum tablet thickness of about 1/2" as well.

For further details, please contact;

Kevin Process Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A/1/3706 GIDC Phase IV, Vatva Industrial Area, Ahmedabad 382 445. India

Tel: ++ 91 79 2584 1503. Fax: ++ 91 79 2584 1243. E-Mail: info@kevin.co.in

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